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Tree Service in Mobile, AL

For over a decade, Senior Tree Service has been proudly serving the greater Mobile area. Our proven track record of excellence has, in turn, made us the only tree service Mobile AL residents can trust without question. At Senior Tree, we believe that customer service and overall customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Furthermore, we won’t so much as remove a single tree branch without your prior consent. Nevertheless, our experts are here to offer advice and guidance when necessary. We want to help bring your landscape vision to life at a price that won’t leave your wallet ransacked. Whether you need a simple tree trimming or a comprehensive overhaul, we’re happy to show you how we became the premier Mobile Tree Service of choice. 

We believe that our work speaks for itself, however, in our modern world, a good endorsement goes a long way. Our loyal customers have been praising our services for years, however, you can find countless positive reviews on reliable third-party websites that further validate our work ethic. Whether you check Yelp, Home Advisor, or Google, you will find an exceptionally high number of positive customer reviews. We understand the importance of prioritizing our customer’s needs and want nothing more than to provide them with service they can rave about. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from other Mobile tree service providers. 

About Senior Tree Service

We first opened Senior Tree Service just over a decade ago. Back then, we were a small three-man team, eager to bring top quality tree services to Mobile and its surrounding areas. We very quickly established ourselves as the premier tree trimming Mobile AL service of choice. Today, our operation has flourished thanks to our countless loyal customers who have helped us expand over the years. All of our arborists have trained in the intricate art of tree trimming, with an emphasis on creating and maintaining a healthy balance in the trees we service. In the past five years, our company has undergone massive growth. As a result, we now employ over 25 tree specialists and arborists. All of our employees have at least two years of prior experience and are licensed and insured to work on any property, be it residential or commercial. Furthermore, we are now the top-rated company for tree removal Mobile AL residents can rely on for rapid and efficient service. 

As natives to the Mobile area, we understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty of our town. Mobile, and the southern United States, are home to some of the country’s most unique vegetation. As a result, we have extensively studied arboriculture as it relates to our region. We believe that it’s important to understand the idiosyncrasies of the region and provide care that makes sense in the context of where we live. Furthermore, all of our specialists are well versed in plant-life native to the area and have insider knowledge on how best to cultivate plant success. To show our appreciation and pride in our community, we offer annual tree service Mobile AL residents can see showcased in our local parks. All of our community services are provided free of cost to ensure Mobile and its residents can enjoy the unique beauty of our area for years to come. Senior Tree Service is known for its practices of heightened sustainability. With each passing year, we try to become even more environmentally friendly. We currently offer the most sustainable tree trimming Mobile AL practice. Our partnership with local vendors and institutions has further provided us with the opportunity to dispose of large parcels carefully and safely. 

What began as a simple tree trimming operation has since blossomed into a comprehensive landscape business. We provide our clients with everything from complete storm cleanup to tree removal Mobile AL residents implicitly trust. We would like to formally thank our loyal customers for giving us the past ten years to serve you. We hope in the upcoming decade that we can continue to build upon this relationship, and further solidify ourselves as your premier tree service of choice. We at Senior Tree Service are honored to be your one-stop Mobile tree service shop.

Your Professional Tree Experts

Picture of our tree climber doing a tree cutting on an old tree for a customer in Mobile, ALOur company has had the opportunity to grow exponentially in the past several years. Our services are now available for your business and commercial properties. We understand the importance of tree health extends far beyond an individual’s home. The need for accessible tree service is precisely why we want to bring tree health to our local Mobile institutions. With that in mind, we have the equipment necessary to perform jobs regardless of size. Because we believe in providing our clients with nothing but the best, our state-of-the-art equipment is something we proudly invest in. Tree removal equipment that is both safe and functional can sometimes run the gamut of over $15k. Because we won’t compromise on equipment, our customers will find we may not be the most cost-effective tree service Mobile AL has to offer. With that said, we believe that Senior Tree Service still provides the best overall value when you factor in our highly trained professionals and top-pedigree equipment. As previously mentioned, we do offer incentives and price reductions for our long-term customers. However, please remember we are always brainstorming new ways to keep your price fair. 

Below you will find a short guide detailing some of our most popular services. Keep in mind that we can bundle together services depending on how large the job is. We also offer free walk-through consultations for those who are considering retaining our services. During our consultation, we will be able to provide you with advice regarding the best course of action. If you have any trees that pose the risk of hazard, we offer same day service to ensure your safety. For further information regarding any of our services, please call us today.

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Services We Provide

Picture of our employee in Mobile, AL cutting up a tree for a tree removal. Tree Removal: When it comes to tree removal, we at Senior Tree Service consider ourselves the experts. Tree removal serves as the general foundation for most jobs, and as a result, we operate with extreme care and diligence when performing tree removal. One of the issues with tree removal is that landscapers and clients alike generally don’t feel the need to remove trees until they see an undeniable problem. While we understand the imperative nature of neutralizing a threat and furthermore removing trees from enacting danger, we believe in taking preventative measures to help stop problems from occurring. A lot of preventative measures include keeping up to date with your tree’s overall health. Keep in mind that certain species of trees have different requirements for health and homeostasis. What might be a sensible course of action for one tree is bound to cause problems for another. 

We at Senior Tree Service have experience with many different species of trees. As a result, we know the warning signs to look for that can help determine when it’s best to extract a tree in its entirety. Sometimes a tree you might think needs to be removed only needs an extensive trimming to remain viable. Our experts will know the difference and can help guide you when you choose a course of action. A lot of trees require removal after exposure to canker diseases. If you’re not familiar with canker diseases, they can render a tree non-functioning. Our experts can help you recognize the warning signs of canker diseases. Nevertheless, we encourage you to reach out immediately if a tree poses an immediate threat. 

Picture of a tree being removed that was leaning on a house from storm damage in Mobile, ALTree Trimming: Tree trimming is unfortunately often neglected by both property owners and landscapers. Amateur landscaping services will often trim trees without any prior knowledge regarding how best to do so. Anyone can trim a tree, but it takes an expert to perform the job in a way that stimulates healthy growth. Tree trimming is far more involved than removing a pesky branch. Like most organisms, trees have their own energy flow. Adequate energy flow is provided by overall anatomy. Inexperienced arborists will leave a tree with excess branches. On the contrary, they can potentially trim too much off. Both of these approaches can be extremely harmful to your trees. 

When in doubt, property owners can always elect for pruning rather than trimming. Pruning is a less invasive and typically less expensive alternative to a massive trimming job. If you choose to go the pruning route, you will typically need to prune more often. However, if you can maintain a regular pruning routine, it can save you time and money in the long-run. We would love to show you why we remain the top service for tree trimming Mobile AL residents trust for premium results. 

Stump Grinding: Our new clients are often surprised to hear that tree removal does not include the removal of the tree’s stump. Unfortunately, most stumps require a more invasive removal to ensure safety is maintained. Stumps are usually embedded deeply into the ground and have comprehensive and intricate root systems tying them down. As a result, there are typically two methods we recommend for complete removal. The most effective method is stump grinding, which breaks down, and mixes the stump itself into the ground. While this method doesn’t completely extract the stump, it will break it down in its entirety. Arborists typically prefer this course of action because it is significantly less invasive to the tree’s surrounding areas. 

The other course of action includes complete removal. We will use our equipment to extract the stump in its entirety, including root systems. This process is typically more expensive and takes more time to perform. Understandably, most tree services will prefer the grinding method however it is not always safe to do so. Sometimes it is necessary to remove a stump in its entirety particularly if it is diseased. Nevertheless, our experts will always make sure you have all the information to make an informed decision.

Storm Damage Cleanup: Here in Mobile, we often find ourselves weathering some pretty severe storms. On the gulf coast, we are prone to hurricanes, tropical storms, and other severe weather disturbances. It comes as no surprise that severe weather can furthermore cause massive destruction to your landscape. Senior Tree Service has comprehensive cleanup plans for those who wish to retain our services post-storm. We go as far as offering emergency services to those who are at risk of structural damage due to downed trees.

Post-storm, we often receive an onslaught of calls regarding compromised trees. We ask that you exercise extreme caution when lifting branches and trees post-storm, especially if they have come in contact with powerlines. We ask that you only assess the damage of your yard if it is safe to do so. We offer our storm damage cleanup to residential and commercial properties, however, bear in mind that we typically prioritize residential properties.

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At Senior Tree Service, nothing takes precedence over our customer’s satisfaction. We offer money-back guarantees on nearly all of our services. Therefore, you will never have to worry about a job not meeting your standards. Call us today to set up an appointment with the top tree service Mobile AL has to offer.

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    Other Services We Provide

    We provide a slew of other services, available at your behest. While tree removal has historically been our most utilized service, we are constantly expanding our offerings. Furthermore, if you have a question regarding our offerings, we ask that you call us today. As always, free walk-through consultations are typically available. We provide the following: 

    • Land Cleaning
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    • Brush Removal
    • Wood Chipping
    • Tree Fertilization
    • Tree Planting

    Many of our services may require disruption to your lawn or overall landscape. If we have inadvertently damaged any portion of your landscape, we will happily repair any damage free of additional cost. It is of the utmost importance that our customers feel fully satisfied with our services. We will not cut corners, nor will we finish a job until you are completely satisfied. If at any point you have concerns regarding our work on your property, we urge you to let us know immediately. It is always easier to remedy a problem right as it occurs, versus trying to fix it down the road.

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