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When it comes to the overall health of your landscape, tree removal is vitally important. Unfortunately, many property owners will forgo tree removal because they don’t deem it a necessity. Any reputable tree service will reiterate the importance of tree removal. Consider the following your lawn is its own functioning ecosystem. Trees serve as vital parts of these ecosystems, and as a result, can impact the overall health of your property significantly. Just because a tree isn’t in a compromising position doesn’t mean that it can’t negatively impact your lawn. For example, trees in the wilderness often grow in an upward pattern because they are vying for light exposure. This is not the case in residential and commercial landscapes where a tree does not face those same issues.

All living organisms are subject to illness, and trees are naturally no different. Like any living, breathing plant in your backyard, they can fall ill. If left untreated, simple issues can turn into massive problems. At Senior Tree Service, we want to help you prevent these issues before they become overwhelming. We want you to feel comfortable in all the choices you make regarding your trees, which is why we provide you with all the facts first so that you can make an informed decision every time. The best thing you can do for your landscape’s long-term health is to learn as much about the plant varieties in your lawn. That’s why we hire experienced arborists who can give you this information first hand. 

We believe that all of our clients should be aware of the potential issues surrounding canker diseases. Canker diseases are common in trees, and if left untreated can have fatal consequences. Canker diseases are typically catalysts for tree removal. Unfortunately, many canker diseases are out of our control as humans. Many trees find themselves with canker diseases as a result of harsh winds, extreme temperatures, and droughts. Nevertheless, there are circumstances where canker diseases appear following poor practices. For example, incorrectly planting a tree can put it at a higher risk for developing an infection. Even poor pruning practices can leave trees vulnerable. Because canker diseases are easy for trees to contract, we highly recommend that you work with a reputable tree service. Many tree providers will needlessly extract trees or will leave trees in your yard that are clearly suffering. At Senior Tree Service, all of our team members understand the importance of maintaining tree health.

Our tree removal appointments typically need to be planned out in advance. We prefer to survey your landscape before making any definitive decisions. We will make exceptions if a tree is causing a blockage or is potentially hazardous. If you notice that a tree is in a comprising position, you must reach out to a service immediately. Trees that are left to grow in compromising positions are a lot harder to extract safely. Speaking of safety, when it comes to tree removal, safety is our top priority. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and certified safe.

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