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We at Senior Tree Service are notorious for encouraging our clients to purchase tree trimming services. Nevertheless, we do so in good faith, considering that tree trimming is vital for a tree’s overall health. Why is trimming so important? Regular tree trimming keeps the growth patterns of trees in optimal health. When it comes to trees, they should have balanced growth patterns that promote overall well being. If a tree’s limbs are growing in irregular patterns, this can not only wreak havoc for the tree’s health but the health of the surrounding plants. Our clients often come to us with concerns about the growth of their grass, citing not enough water as the culprit. Ironically, they fail to realize it’s often the excess shade brought on by the tree.

Like most living organisms, trees rely on proper energy distribution for their health. A common misconception is that tree trimming is only for aesthetics. This line of thinking could not be further from the truth. In fact, tree trimming is crucial for overall tree health. Trees are both resilient and incredibly fragile. As a result, it is of the utmost importance that you take care of a tree on all levels, both physical and stylistically. 

Tree trimming can also save you a significant amount of money. If you fail to keep up with your tree’s healthcare, you can find yourself looking at some pretty hefty repair services down the line. Whereas, a regular tree trimming schedule can significantly lower your risk for tree removal or more invasive procedures. We recommend that you get an annual tree trimming schedule established to help prevent these issues from occurring. We offer comprehensive discounts and incentives for our customers who schedule out appointments. 

If tree trimming seems like too big of a commitment, we also offer pruning services. Our pruning services are perfect for clients who don’t have many trees or large trees plaguing their landscape. Pruning is a smaller-scale operation that still yields incredible results. Pruning is also usually a lot cheaper than a full-on trim. If you go the route of pruning, we recommend that you schedule at least four appointments a year. In doing so, you are setting your trees up for optimal health practices. Like most of our services, we always err on the side of prevention. It is much better to invest work into your trees now, rather than try and get them on the right track later. We’ve seen the wonders that preventative work can do, and urge you to retain our tree trimming services today.

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